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Kenya s Tourism Reaps from the World Athletics Under 20

Posted : 25 August 2021 10:46:40 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Kenya s Tourism Reaps from the World Athletics Under 20

Kenya was ranked on top of other countries topping the medal charts with 16 medals; 8 Gold 1 Silver and 7 bronze at the World Under20 Championship held in Nairobi.

Kenya’s tourism destination marketing agency, Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) CEO Dr. Betty Radier said that sport events were proving to be an important avenue of profiling the destination to the world as well as reassuring visitors of safety while in the destination.

“We have been lucky as a destination to so far host four international events in a span of four months even as the world struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Magical Kenya Open, the Kenya Savanna classic both under the European tour, the WRC Safari rally and now the World Athletics Under-20. We don’t take this for granted and that’s the reason why as destination marketers, we have decided to make sure that we make use of these opportunities,” said Dr. Radier.

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