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Tourism should be in ‘Union List’ of India: IATO’s K Ranga Reddy

Posted : 22 January 2022 06:59:33 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Tourism should be in ‘Union List’ of India: IATO’s K Ranga Reddy

Indian Association of Tour Operators’ (IATO) Telangana and Andhra Pradesh chairman K Ranga Reddy believes Tourism should be transferred to the ‘Union List’ of India. He said as much to the TWO team, which spoke to him regarding the ‘Way Forward’.

“Shipping, Ports, Railways, Highways, Forests, Waterways, Beaches, ASI, major monuments, national parks, hotel classifications and marine tourism all come under the central government. Why is Tourism a state subject?” he asked.

“On tourism, one chief minister spends crores of rupees in five years and the next CM spends roars of dialogues in five years,” he added, pointing out that many Indian states have their own agenda and totally neglect or ignore tourism in their policy, promotion, employment and marketing, despite huge tourism potential.

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