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IATO welcomes restoration of tourist/e-tourist visas for foreigners

Posted : 18 March 2022 09:34:55 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

IATO welcomes restoration of tourist/e-tourist visas for foreigners

IATO has expressed gratitude to the Government of India for restoringtourist/e-tourist visas for foreign nationals with immediate effect.

Rajiv Mehra, President of Indian Association ofTour Operators (IATO), said: “The decision is a big relief for the entiretravel and tourism fraternity, and we hope it will create confidence among foreigntourists that India is now safe to travel and they can visit India without anyhassles.”  

The IATO has also urged the government to restore e-touristvisas for countries such as the UK and Canada as a high number of touristsvisit India from these countries. 

In order to boost foreign tourist arrivals, IATOalso requested the government to extend the validity of free tourist visatill March 31, 2024, without capping of 5 lakh free tourist visas, and alsoallow entry of foreign tourists through land borders of Nepal and Bhutan forthe revival of Buddhist Tourism. This is required as there are very limitedflights to Bhutan.

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