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Over-tourism has caused great damage in Himalayan states

Posted : 25 June 2022 08:07:58 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Over-tourism has caused great damage in Himalayan states

Due to improving and affordable connectivity, particularly air travel, the tourism sector is booming in India and there has been immense growth in infrastructure. However, not all growth has been sustainable and tourists’ have not exactly helped in economic prosperity, rather caused trouble for local landscape and biodiversity.

The barely 10 sqkm Leh town saw a total of 20,918 quintals waste – both biodegradable and non-biodegradable – generated in just 11 months from June 2021 till April 2022. However, of that, only 1,387 quintal waste – plastic bottles, multi-layer plastics, cardboards, tin, etc. – were sold for reuse while 19,531 quintal waste was deposited at the municipal processing site.

It is high time to re-think on economic growth at the cost of environmental loss. Governments have to plan tourist carrying capacity to a particular destination, especially environmentally sensitive zones.

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