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NTCA prohibits construction in core areas of tiger reserves

Posted : 05 August 2022 01:21:00 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

NTCA prohibits construction in core areas of tiger reserves

Construction in core areas of tiger reserves has been prohibited by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), according to a decision taken during the body’s 21st meeting on World Tiger Day.

“Chaired the 21st National Tiger Conservation Authority meeting at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra in the presence of Shri Ashwini K Choubey. To strengthen tiger conservation, the meeting decided to keep the core areas inviolate and focus on stakeholders’ capacity building,” Union environment minister Bhupender Yadav said on Twitter.

“The meeting also decided to provide greater thrust to technology and to work harder for inclusive infrastructure growth in sync with wildlife conservation and promoting diversification of tourism,” he added.

A senior official of NTCA was quoted as saying in a report in Hindustan Times: “We have decided to not allow any new construction in core areas of tiger reserves. Of course, this was always the mandate of the Wild Life (Protection) Act but now we plan to implement it in letter and spirit. Core areas will be for thriving and breeding of tigers and other wildlife alone. In many tiger reserves, there have been constructions in core areas. Take for example the core area of Corbett where some tourism infrastructure has come up. That will be completely prohibited.”

Yadav also tweeted that the standing committee of the National Board for Wildlife in its 69th meeting has recommended potable water supply proposals in Bihar, Maharashtra and Jammu & Kashmir to overcome difficulties faced by local people, pilgrims and tourists.

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