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Global tourism sees uptick in Q3; recovery remains fragile

Posted : 29 November 2021 06:24:51 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Global tourism sees uptick in Q3; recovery remains fragile

International tourism rebounded during the Northern Hemisphere summer season, boosting results in the third quarter of the year 2021, especially in Europe, reports the newest edition of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.

According to the report, international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) increased by 58% in July-September compared to the same period of 2020. Europe recorded the best relative performance in the third quarter, with international arrivals 53% down on the same three-month period of 2019. In August and September, arrivals were at -63% compared to 2019, the best monthly results since the start of the pandemic.

Between January and September, worldwide international tourist arrivals stood at -20% compared to 2020, a clear improvement over the first six months of the year (-54%).

Nonetheless, overall arrivals are still 76% below pre-pandemic levels with uneven performances among world regions. The uplift in demand was driven by increased traveller confidence amid rapid progress on vaccinations and the easing of entry restrictions in many destinations.

In Europe, the EU Digital Covid Certificate has helped facilitate free movement within the European Union, releasing large-pent up demand after many months of restricted travel.

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