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Odisha opens its gates after a long covid wait: TAAI

Posted : 26 November 2021 09:19:27 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Odisha opens its gates after a long covid wait: TAAI

Expressing her happiness towards the revival of tourism business and congratulating Government of Odisha, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) President, Jyoti Mayal commented that it is indeed a much-needed step on the government’s part which will encourage other states too in the same direction. “Covid did take a lot from us, now it is time to compensate for all the losses  faced during the pandemic,” she said. 

“After the prolonged curbs for over 18 months, tourists are showing a strong desire to travel & are registering a month-on-month increase in demand. It is indeed a brilliant start to the tourist season If the current situation continues then the recovery could be done in lesser time,” mentioned Jay Bhatia, Vice President, TAAI.

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