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Agoda announces Customer Review Awards 2022

Posted : 06 August 2022 09:41:10 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Agoda announces Customer Review Awards 2022

Agoda has announced Customer Review Awards 2022, which are presented to hotel and accommodation partners totalling to 36,000 properties in over 150 markets. Agoda partners who have offered exceptional services to their customers, including great pricing and availability, were honoured with the awards. The US topped this year’s market with 7,015 properties represented, followed by Thailand (4,343), Indonesia (2,590), Japan (2,053) and India (1,948).  

Bangkok tops the list of winning destinations with 681 properties, followed by Bali (579), Paris (498), Chiang Mai (479) and Phuket (451), rounding out the top five. This year, globally, Asia tops the region league table with 18,670 properties represented, followed by Europe and North America in second and third place, respectively.  

“Customer reviews quickly help travellers to make decisions where to stay. They are a trusted source which allow travellers to identify places that match their own travel requirements such as travelling with kids, the location in relation to other attractions, or how welcoming the guest relations staff are. There has to be consistency in delivering quality stays to achieve the 8+ ranking, and with the challenges faced by the travel industry over the past years, winning this award not only speaks about our partners’ exceptional service but is also a testament to their hard work, dedication, and passion for providing our guests with an experience they truly value,” said Liyana Jamil, Vice President of Partner Services, Agoda.

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