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ARK Travel Group unveils its new brand identity

Posted : 18 May 2022 06:58:44 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

ARK Travel Group unveils its new brand identity

ARK Travel Group (ATG), the promising B2B cruise and luxury properties/resorts consolidators has unveiled its new corporate brand identity. This change comes at an opportune time when the company is evolving its product & service offerings with ambitious global expansion plans. The New Brand Identity is based on ATG’s five pillars – Compassion, Competence, Commitment, Cooperation and Celebration, its vibrant colour spectrum represents our curiosity along with the diversity and the limitless range of possibilities, said, Mr Biyani.

“With this growth and expansion, it was imperative to create a unified messaging of ATG and guide the synergies of its sub-brands. The objective was to create a common story between distinct identities yet reinforce the mother brand’s consistency across all touchpoints for all the group brands,” said Kishan Biyani, Managing Director of ATG

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