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AirAsia India slashes international connecting baggage fees

Posted : 21 May 2022 04:27:21 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

AirAsia India slashes international connecting baggage fees

AirAsia India has announced a special offer of 50% off its International Connecting Baggage (ICB) fees, for bookings made till June 30, 2022. International Connecting Baggage fares are significantly lower than the standard excess baggage charges, enabling guests connecting from or to AirAsia India domestic flights to international flights on other airlines, as international flights typically have higher baggage allowances than domestic flights. Guests can pre-book ICB and choose from three excess baggage slab options of 8 kg, 15 kg or 30kg on standard fares.

Flyers connecting to or from international flights from AirAsia domestic flights can now pre-book their excess baggage at the significantly discounted price of Rs 100 per kg, compared to the standard excess baggage charges of Rs 450 per kg for pre-booking excess baggage and Rs 500 per kg excess baggage charges at the airport.

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