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. Brand Goa needs reinvention, and#39;party capitaland#39; tag not enough

Posted : 18 June 2019 02:13:32 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

. Brand Goa needs reinvention, and#39;party capitaland#39; tag not enough

Panaji: Brand Goa needs reinvention and the tag 'party capital' is simply not a good enough calling card, says a white paper prepared by local tourism and travel industry stakeholders, which cites harassment by traffic police, taxi operators, touts and lack of infrastructure, public transport and garbage management as problem areas for promotion of quality tourism.

The white paper "Reinvent Goa", drafted after numerous consultative sessions by the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa, one of the oldest industry bodies, also says that the recent imbalance of domestic tourists far outnumbering foreign tourist arrivals, an unfair tax regime, delay in permissions and high visa fees need to be looked into by the state and central governments.

"Taxi fare pricing is non-transparent. Efforts to streamline the trade are hampered by interference from politicians who treat them as a vote-bank. Taxi business is a cash-only affair, which leads to loss of revenue for the government," says the white paper, claiming that taxi drivers were intimidating and exploitative and needed to rid themselves of the 'taxi mafia' tag.

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