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United Airlines and Vistara establish codeshare agreement

Posted : 20 June 2019 11:53:08 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

United Airlines and Vistara establish codeshare agreement

United Airlines has entered into a new alliance agreement Vistara. The agreement, effective in Fall 2019, further expands United’s global route network to more than 20 destinations throughout India. United currently operates more nonstop service to India than any other U.S. carrier. IndiGo has received the recognition of ‘The Best Low-Cost Airline in Central Asia and India’ at the SKYTRAX World Airline Awards  The award recognises travellers’ favourite carriers around the globe and awards them for their operational excellence.

On this achievement Mr. William Boulter, CCO, IndiGo said, “It is an honor to receive this award for tenth year in a row. Right from the inception, we have been committed to delivering an affordable, on-time, courteous and hassle-free flying experience. This award reflects those values as it is a measure of the travelers’ experience. I would like to dedicate this recognition to all the IndiGo employees who strive to deliver an exceptional, efficient and reliable service to our customers every day.”

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