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Over 60% Indians are raring to travel domestically

Posted : 08 October 2020 08:23:46 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Over 60% Indians are raring to travel domestically

InterMiles, has released its first ‘Consumer Sentiment Index Report’ highlighting insights and changing consumption patterns around travel. The report is based on responses received from more than 7,500 InterMilers across the country and reveals interesting consumer findings with regard to present and future travel. As per the report, 60% respondents will look at travelling domestically within the next 6 months,9% are ready to pack their bags within a month itself and 20% respondents would choose to travel solo for a leisure getaway.

With Indians already undertaking safe hyperlocal travel and exploring local communities as they look tobeat away lockdown blues and enjoy a refreshing breather, we can expect domestic travel to further pickup pace once state and district borders increasingly open up.

On the international front, respondents expressedhesitation when it comes to travel, with 33% optingnot to travel until there’s a vaccine, and 10% sayingthey do not have international travel on their mind.However, even though most international bordersare currently closed or have restricted transit, 29%respondents expressed interest in travellinginternationally within the next 6 months. An almostequal percentage of respondents – 28%, wouldrather hold off travel currently, and consider it in the next 6 to 12 months.This hesitation regarding travel in the near future can be attributed to the current ambiguity and rapidlychanging nature of travel policies and norms, across countries. 

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