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TBO Group surging ahead

Posted : 01 June 2021 08:20:13 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

TBO Group surging ahead

Due to the lockdown situation worldwide, hundreds of thousands of businesses have been forced  to shutter down or cut back their operations significantly. Millions of workers have been laid off or furloughed, consumer spending has been drastically reduced, supply chains have been disrupted, and demand in travel and tourism has come to a standstill except emergency travel.

Under the dynamic leadership of Ankush Nijhawan, TBO Group is surging ahead against all odds. In the last one week, there have been two good news from TBO. First is opening of a new office in Andheri, Mumbai and now they have acquired Gemini Tours & Travels. This positive new somehow is a ray of hope to ailing travel & tourism industry.

At this crucial time Ankush has planned for long term goals that include pursuing growth through acquisition strategies, whereas most of the companies worldwide are typically focusing and redirecting their energy towards revival the health of their companies.

TBO’s group company Island Hopper with over 21% share of Indian outbound to Maldives, while Gemini Tours and Travels was the pioneer in Indian outbound to Maldives. With the merger of Gemini Tours to Island Hoper will position TBO as undisputed leader of this market.

Subbaram Mani, Founder, Gemini Tours & Travels said, “TBO is one of the fastest growing companies, not only in India, but worldwide. It gives us immense pleasure to be part of this US$ 2 billion multinational company and are looking forward to make our contribution towards the growth of TBO Group.”

Ankush Nijhawan, Co-Founder, TBO Group, said: “Gemini merger will help Island Hopper further expand its presence in South India Market and consolidate its numero uno position as an Island Specialist even further. This acquisition would also help in providing our customers more hotel options especially in the luxury segment in Maldives. Mr. Subbaram Mani & Mrs. Raji Subbaram are one of the pioneers promoting Maldives as a destination. They also have a great respect amongst the hotel partners in Maldives, which would further help Island Hopper deliver a better customer experience for its clients. Mr. Subbaram & Ms. Raji Subbaram will continue to work with Island Hopper heading its South India Business and operations for Island Hopper.”

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