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Delivering What the Next Generation of Adventure Travellers Want

Posted : 05 June 2021 12:42:13 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Delivering What the Next Generation of Adventure Travellers Want

·  During Hybrid ATCM 2021 - Erik Wolf, Founder & Executive Director, The World Food Travel Association; Leila Calnan, Sustainable Tourism Expert, Chemonics International; Sarah Mathews, Group Head of Destination Marketing APAC, Tripadvisor; Jeremy Sampson, CEO, The Travel Foundation deliberated on the topic “Delivering What next Generation of Adventure Travellers Want”. The main takeaways of the discussions are

·  65% of travellers want to see physical changes that make them feel safer before they start travelling again; therefore, destinations and travel brands should transparently share these efforts with customers.

·  Instead of creating food guides and directories to help attract culinary travellers, it would be more effective to focus on your unique selling propositions, such as the faces behind the places, as well as seeking sustainable partners, selling the memories and stories of local foods, and keeping in touch with your past customers.

·   In order to ensure a more equal recovery for all, we must keep women at the top of mind. This means engaging women in tourism, such as through retraining, upskilling, improving digital engagement, and providing leadership opportunities.

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